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We are a leading provider of training courses in the UK and help people move forward in their careers with new qualifications.

Our company specialises in providing training for the International Powered Access Federation, which allows people to work with and control mobile elevating work platforms. We cover all basis, including full health and safety training, so people can become qualified in operating such machinery.

Following IPAF training, an examination will take place, and you can qualify to get your powered access licence. This is required in many job roles to showcase that you can legally control powered access equipment and is commonly a step between job roles.

With your PAL card, many more opportunities will open up for you, and we provide training to the highest standard. Our training courses cover multiple MEWP categories, and we also provide managers training to ensure the safe and effective use of powered access equipment in all sectors.

If you are interested in improving your CV or are required to get your PAL card for your current job role, then you have come to the right place. We provide IPAF training and are happy to help with all enquiries.

Please contact the team today to learn more and see how operator training can improve your career.

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What is IPAF Training?

An IPAF training course focuses on teaching people how to operate powered equipment, such as mobile elevating work platforms, cherry pickers, or scissor lifts. This is done under the International Powered Access Federation, which is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the safe and effective use of powered access machinery.

Many workplaces require IPAF training, and those who pass their IPAF training courses qualify with a PAL card. This indicates that they can legally and safely operate machinery such as scissor lifts, mobile booms, and boom lifts (3a 3b) which is required in a range of tasks.

To qualify for your PAL card and legally be qualified to handle mobile elevating work platforms, you need to work with an accredited and licenced operator training programme.

Why Train With Us?

We offer a comprehensive range of IPAF training courses and have done so for many years. When it comes to operator training courses, we are a leading provider in the UK and continue to be one of the most reliable services.

Our team is fully qualified and accredited by the International Powered Access Federation to provide training courses. We have offered operator training to a range of businesses across the country and even offer health and safety training to many sectors.

IPAF training guides candidates through the necessary safety regulations for machinery in all MEWP categories, teaching them how to operate and handle such machinery on a working site. We provide both in-person and online IPAF training courses so candidates can work at their own pace to get the qualifications they need,

Working with the IPAF's eLearning platform, which provides an enhanced online learning experience, we can provide training courses to people across the world and help support our candidates at any time and on any given task. The IPAF's eLearning platform can be accessed from your devices anytime to allow for training in your own time.

As well as offering online learning, we also provide in-person courses and can work with any mobile elevating work platform. We offer both operator training and managers training to ensure every work site is safe and have helped many people further their careers this way.

Experienced IPAF Training Company

Our training is performed to the highest standard, as every course is accredited by the IPAF.

Our company has been offering IPAF training courses for many years now, and we are highly experienced in all aspects of this work. We help people gain their PAL card, which allows them to safely operate any mobile elevating work platform, from a scissor lift to mobile booms.

With a range of courses on offer, we can pair you with the right training course for this stage in your career and provide training to the highest standard. Working with both managers and operators, we can help you get your IPAF licence in no time.

Whether you are looking for a specific training course, such as scissor lift training, or need to be refreshed on the safety regulations for this sector, we can help.

Our company provides in-person training, where each training course receives a site assessment and pre-delivery inspection of all equipment, as well as online learning. IPAF training can be done through our enhanced online learning experience, which can be accessed by any devices anytime. This allows you to work towards your PAL card at your own pace.

Our experienced team will pair you with the right IPAF course for your current career and help you develop. Contact us today to see what course is right for you and how we can help.

IPAF Training Cost

The average cost of an IPAF training course can vary between £80 to £399 in the UK. This can vary based on the IPAF training course you take and the quality of the training provided.

Each high-quality theory training course has its own price, and we provide training courses for all kinds of mobile elevating work platforms, including:

  • Boom lifts (3a 3b)

  • Mobile booms (3a 3b)

  • Scissor Lift

Training for your powered access licence is an investment into your career, but for most people, if an IPAF course is required by managers in your current role, then the company will pay for it on your behalf.

As well as the cost of each IPAF training course, a site assessment and pre-delivery inspection of machinery may also be required. This can contribute to the total cost of training based on your location.

To learn more about the cost of IPAF training courses, please get in touch with our team today.

More Information

IPAF Training Benefits

Multiple benefits can come from partaking in IPAF training courses.

As an accredited IPAF training facility, we can provide several benefits with our IPAF training courses, such as:

  • Ensures Safe Operation of Machinery

The purpose of every IPAF course is to ensure that operators can safely manage and control the mobile elevating work platforms required on site. Each of our IPAF operator training courses focuses on specific types of machinery, such as scissor lift training which teaches people how to safely manage a scissor lift and the health and safety required with this.

  • Ensures Correct and Safe Assembly of Working Platforms

Not only does our training help ensure that people can operate the working platforms, but that these are also set up correctly. This is vital for the safety of not only the operator but also everyone on-site who may be impacted by the machinery in some way.

This is why all the IPAF courses we offer include full health and safety training, such as teaching how to use the safety harness for each platform and training related to setting up a solid platform.

  • Reduces Work Site Hazards

With high-quality theory training as well as physical IPAF training courses, hazards on the work site are reduced significantly. When operators can correctly control and manage each working platform, as well as understand how to set them up, the risk of hazards is significantly reduced.

As every training course also includes health and safety, such as how to set up and use the safety harness on a platform, qualified operators also know how to handle any arising hazards.

  • Provides Essential Skills For Safe Worksites

IPAF training courses are a great tool to further your career and help operators become more skilled at their work. With each IPAF course, you can become qualified to handle all kinds of machinery and ensure maximum safety on each work site.

This is why we also provide manager training as well as operator training courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPAF training?

An IPAF training course is a way of learning how to operate mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), which are required on many work sites across the country.

What is an IPAF qualification?

Following your IPAF training courses, you will be given a powered access licence or PAL card.

This shows that you have completed the necessary IPAF training courses required to be qualified in handling MEWPs and can therefore be employed for this role. You need to take an IPAF training course for each piece of equipment before becoming fully qualified.

How long is IPAF training?

The length of time it takes to complete IPAF training will vary based on the course you are taking, your past experience, the complexity of the machinery, and how many machines are covered in the course.

Many IPAF courses cover multiple machines at once so people can get qualified for their PAL card. These kinds of courses will take longer to complete than singular training, such as taking a scissor lift training course.

Who needs IPAF training?

Anyone who is required to operate working platform machinery will need IPAF training.

Is IPAF test hard?

With the right IPAF training course, passing the IPAF test and becoming qualified should not be an issue. This is certainly the case when working with a qualified and accredited training facility, as every course will cover what you need to know in the test, as well as provide physical training as outlined by the IPAF.

It is vital to pair IPAF courses with independent study and ongoing preparation to pass your test.

How do I get my IPAF Certificate?

To get your IPAF certificate, you first need to complete IPAF training. This means you need to find somewhere that offers IPAF training and has the course you are looking for.

Once you have completed the training course, you will need to take an exam and pass this to become certified.

How long does an IPAF licence last?

The IPAF licence will last five years following the date of issue in most regions across the UK.

Is IPAF training a legal requirement?

IPAF training is a legal requirement for many job roles, and a course needs to be passed before you can legally operate machinery.

Other Services We Offer

We offer IPAF training courses for the following machinery:

  • Static Vertical (1a): This is required for the legal operation of vertical personnel platforms

  • Static Boom (1b, 1b+): This is required for the legal operation of self-propelled booms, trailers, push-around, and vehicle-mounted platforms

  • Mobile Vertical (3a,3a+): This training course is for the safe and legal operation of scissor lifts and vertical personnel platform

  • Mobile Boom (3b, 3b+): This training course combines the two aforementioned forms of machinery

  • Push Around Vertical: This training course focuses on the PAV machinery


We are a leading provider of IPAF training and offer accredited courses to both operators and managers across the UK. If you are wanting to further your career or are required to handle machinery for your current role, then IPAF training is essential.

IPAF training is done to ensure the safe and legal operation of machinery. Following training, candidates sit an exam where they can qualify for their PAL card, which indicates they are qualified to handle powered access machinery.

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