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Knowledge is the most effective way to keep workplace accidents to a minimum - understanding your safety responsibilities in the workplace and learning options to reduce risks can be invaluable in any field.

Proper health and safety training courses are essential for a number of reasons, but finding the right health and safety training courses is important. When it comes to choosing a health and safety course, you need to think about more than just team-building and safety regulations.

At Training Courses, we can provide a range of health and safety course options to UK businesses or individual employees, offering the participants an easy way to start learning the importance of health and safety without having to set up a classroom themselves.

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What is Health and Safety Training?

Health and safety courses take on many different forms. Some focus on occupational health and workplace health as a whole. In contrast, others are focused on the skills needed to keep workplaces healthier or highly specific practical advice on using certain tools and equipment safely.

When you are working day after day in the same space, it is easy to become lax about health and safety. Our comprehensive health and safety training courses are meant to clarify the safety responsibilities of any employees that take them, pointing out the essential health regulations and safety management measures involved in their careers.

Occupational health and safety training courses apply to any industry. Health and safety courses for a factory may differ from health and safety courses used in a warehouse. However, the general health and safety training knowledge still focus on the same core tenets of building a safe workplace.

Why Train With Us?

We can provide a comprehensive suite of health and safety training courses available through either a physical or virtual classroom. From essential health and safety courses to specialised knowledge for employees in a certain business, we can work with any organisation (or individual students) that requires them.

Our organisation-level health and safety courses are focused on building awareness of new ways to implement better safety procedures and ways to deliver your own health and safety expertise to sites where it would be most relevant.

Our methods focus on giving each employee/student an essential health and safety course - one that dives into the risks, skills, responsibility, procedures and confidence involved in the management of workplace illness, accidents, or risk assessments.

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Experienced Health and Safety Training Company

As a professional health and safety training company, we understand how important safety and health are to a successful career. Health and safety is an essential part of managing any workplace, from preventing accidents to keeping new hires and students from taking risks.

Our health and safety training courses are varied in scope and scale, focusing on different elements to match the needs and goals of each organisation. No matter the specific course, we work to provide the most accurate and reliable health and safety information possible, keeping ourselves to a high standard of accuracy and quality.

Health and Safety Training Cost

The cost of our health and safety training courses depends on the exact in-person or online courses you are looking for. Our wide range of courses means that there will always be at least a small number of courses covering the subjects you are focused on, so choosing correctly is not easy.

Our experts can help you identify the best courses for your particular needs, whether that means safety qualification courses for a classroom of students or one-person training courses to do in your own time.

Health and Safety Courses Benefits

Each health and safety course we offer is ideal for training students in specific ways, providing them with the knowledge they need to safely carry out anything from manual handling of equipment to risk assessments of the workplace.

Due to our wide range of course options, there are a lot of different benefits that our health and safety courses can offer. This includes:

Accessible Courses

All of our online health and safety courses are designed to be accessible and easy to get started with, meaning that any employee or student can begin learning through their course with minimal delays or downtime.

General-Purpose Knowledge

Many of our course options are designed to help build general skills that are useful in any field, covering things like risk assessment or emergency response procedures.

Specialist Knowledge

We can provide a range of specialised online health and safety courses for dealing with more specific niches, allowing UK students to get easy access to industry-related safety certificate options quickly.

Online Courses

Our online health and safety courses are designed to be easy to take from nearly any location, meaning that a student can get quick access to the course and begin learning as long as they have stable internet access.

Thanks to this and our online classroom systems, we can keep the majority of our course options open to online learning, skipping the busy work and logistical problems that in-person courses can often bring to the table.

Consistent Certificates

We are accredited by the CPD certification service and are able to issue proper certificates for our courses, meaning that each course has value beyond an online document saying that you completed it. We want our courses to mean something to the people who take them.

Practical Qualifications

Our courses are meant to provide online qualifications that students can rely on, whether that means manual handling of dangerous machines or analysing risks to find better ways forward. We offer each online course as a tool to develop the learner's skills beyond just having another certificate to display.

Course Variety

With so many different courses to offer, from NEBOSH courses to entirely unique options, we have a wide range of varied courses that can fit into almost any industry and niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is health and safety training?

At its heart, health and safety training is about the manual handling of things like accidents, ill health and potential risks within the workplace.

What health and safety training is mandatory?

Each industry has its own required course types, especially in workplaces with a lot of dangerous equipment or hazardous chemicals. NEBOSH courses might be required for certain roles, for example.

What qualifications do I need for health and safety?

Each course offers new qualifications, and different positions often require specific qualification combinations. Be sure to check with your workplace (or prospective future workplace), then talk to our experts to figure out which online courses will meet their needs.

How long is H&S training?

Our various course options can vary in length. Some smaller courses may only take a few weeks, while others could involve months of study - especially if you are studying multiple courses one after the other.

Again, you can talk with our specialists to find out more about how long a course will take, and which combination of courses may be best if you are on a tight schedule.

What are the 4 basic safety training courses?

The four primary courses in the UK are:

  • STCW Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention.

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques.

  • STCW Elementary First Aid.

  • STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.

Other Services We Offer

We can offer a range of other training options, from PASMA training to Telehandler operation.

Every one of our course options is carefully prepared to ensure that it meets with any relevant professional standards.


We offer a good variety of health and safety training choices, providing a range of courses that can help even the most unprepared employee or student learn the ins and outs of keeping themselves - and others - safe in the workplace.

Whether you need training courses for a hands-on role or a management position, we can provide something that suits your needs.

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If you want to know more about the courses that we can offer, contact us directly and talk to some of our experts to learn more. We can provide a huge range of different training options, each of which could be perfect for your next position or project.

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